Wine translation statistics sources

Paul Vriens at
Mon Jun 8 08:07:53 CDT 2009

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Mikołaj Zalewski <mikolaj at> writes:
>>  It's online again. Having it on WineHQ would probably give a better
>> uptime (and a much better latency, but this should also improve on my
>> side, when I won't need a temporary SSH tunnel anymore and will move
>> the HTTP server from my good old Pentium 100MHz to a new Atom
>> machine). I've been in contact with Jeremy Newman about it some time
>> ago, but, after a few exchanges, my e-mails got unanswered, so I
>> assumed he is too busy to help with it (and, alone, I don't know how
>> to do it).
> If you send me the necessary information I can probably take care of it.

And we of course need something to cope with the change to the clock 
resource files as mentioned by Michael Stefaniuc.



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