How do I actually write a testcase for a 16-bit API ?

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Jun 8 20:39:43 CDT 2009

See also
I kind of doubt it will ever make it in to ubuntu.

When I tried building win16 binaries with the Linux version,
there were lots of path problems.  That was two years ago,
but I wouldn't be surprised if they're still there.

These two things together make me suspect that installing
the windows version in Wine is the way to go.  We could
make a script that does that in an alternate prefix and
provides wrapper scripts that hide the wine-ness of it to
some extent, maybe.   That could be done as a stopgap
while the test suite is refreshed and gotten ready to add
into the wine tree.  Once that's far enough along, it might
then be worth looking at getting the linux version working
and into a PPA.  Or vice versa.  Wish I had time to play with
this stuff.

I would really be happy if somebody got the win16 test suite
into the wine tree!
- Dan

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