How is handled in Wine?

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Tue Jun 9 04:32:23 CDT 2009

On Tuesday 09 June 2009 11:00:25 David Gerard wrote:

> > On Windows, this would likely cause a catchable error. On Linux (at
> > least), the socket connection may succeed. I think someone said C&C3
> > is affected by this inconsistency between Linux and Windows INADDR_ANY
> > handling; this is probably why :P
> > Until someone demonstrates a real need for this (with appropriate test
> > cases) ...
> Apart from the test cases, didn't you just name a real app that needs this?

I'm pretty sure C&C had other issues. I don't have C&C (3 iirc) myself, so I 
can't test that. I know that StarCraft is affected by broadcasts on unix 
being different than broadcasts on win. However, the StarCraft way of doing 
networking is _very_ braindead (you can tell IP based network gaming was a 
quick slap-on patch) and is easy to break on windows machines with more than 
one network interface as well. I figure C&C has similar issues.


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