Which virtualization software should I choose

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.com
Thu Jun 11 06:16:52 CDT 2009

Paul Vriens wrote:
> Just upgraded to Fedora 11 and (yet again) having issues with VMware 
> Workstation.
> VMware still doesn't support Fedora (as a host) and I'm tired of 
> fixing/patching things, again and again.
> I need to run several Windows versions (95 up to Vista for now) for our 
> winetest and I really like the snapshot possibilities of VMware.
> Suggestions, recommendations?
I'm using KVM/Qemu with libvirt aka virt-manager. I have problems with 
WinNT and NetBSD; those hang/crash during the install. Win2k3, FreeBSD 
and OpenSolaris work just fine and I didn't try anything else yet. But 
I'm on F9 and once I have a little spare time I'll move to F11. I'll 
test it there (never qemu) if that fixes WinNT.


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