Request for Patchreview

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Jun 16 01:49:14 CDT 2009

"André Hentschel" <nerv at> wrote:

> Fair enough.  We tend to mimic Windows behavior.  I hadn't checked
> this myself.  Note that it still should be Install*.exe rather than
> Instal*.exe, at least in English.
> --Juan
> My tests worked with Instal*.exe files on english Windows, too.
> I bet it is because of the instal~1.exe writing. (8.3 and 6##.3)

There is no such a thing as '6##.3' file names under Windows.
'~1' is just a part of short file name, and a long file name
should still match the 'Install*.exe' wildcard.


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