Fate of PulseAudio in WINE

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Tue Jun 16 22:44:36 CDT 2009

Am Wednesday 17 June 2009 05:24:01 schrieb Arthur Taylor:
> As a curious aside, would it be possible write an OpenAl dll that
> backended to the native OpenAl library similarly to the way OpenGl is
> handled? Would this not mean that if the native platform supported
> hardware accelerated OpenAl that the benefits would be reaped by
> OpenAl using windows programs, and further more if such was possible,
> would it not be possible to implement DSound on top of OpenAl in wine
> the same way Alchemy can in windows?
There is such a DLL around - search the wine-devel and wine patches archives 
from it. Alexandre said he'd accept such a openal->openal thunk(but not an 
openal winmm driver). The problem why it is not included yet is that the 
latest state of the dll broke some games, the original developer ran out of 
time to work on it(I think he coded it during holiday from his job), and 
nobody since has continued working on it.

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