drive list is not refreshed in winecfg, no more disk label

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Tue Jun 23 07:19:59 CDT 2009


I've just submitted a patch to fix this bug, #19045. This issue is caused by commit f7e6777e6e19ca3be4b84f98baf22ef53ab19f96
Author: Guy Albertelli <galberte at>
Date:   29.04.2009 03:08:22
Follows: wine-1.1.20 (Release 1.1.20.)
    kernel32: Fix GetVolumeInformation[AW] to require trailing \.

I spotted three places where I added a trailing \ (one of them obviously in winecfg).

However, there are more calls to GetVolumeInformation in the source. They need a review because it was not obvious to me whether they supplied the required trailing backslash, e.g.
... see below
Others, like in shell32/shellpath.c are just pass-through, so the callers need be reviewed.

So I invite interested parties to check the calls to GetVolumeInformation in the wine source to assess whether the callers provide the \.
Otherwise, please submit a patch.

In the annoated output of grep below, "pass" means pass-through; "review" please; and "ok" means I found the code to be either fine or fixed by my patch.

pass	./dlls/msi/media.c:56:    if (!GetVolumeInformationW(source_root, volume_name, MAX_PATH + 1,
review	./dlls/shell32/shfldr_mycomp.c:711:                GetVolumeInformationW (pszPath, wszDrive,
pass	./dlls/shell32/shellpath.c:453:    if (!GetVolumeInformationA(lpszPath, NULL, 0, NULL, &fnlen, NULL, NULL, 0))
pass	./dlls/shell32/shellpath.c:465:    if (!GetVolumeInformationW(lpszPath, NULL, 0, NULL, &fnlen, NULL, NULL, 0))
pass	./dlls/user32/network.c:194:        GetVolumeInformationA( lpLocalName, label, sizeof(label), NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0 );
ok	./dlls/winedos/int21.c:2608:                GetVolumeInformationW(drivespec, label, 12, &serial, NULL, NULL, fsname, 9);
review ./dlls/winedos/int21.c:3234:            if (!GetVolumeInformationW( pathW, NULL, 0, NULL, &filename_len,
ok	./dlls/winedos/int21.c:3426:    if (!GetVolumeInformationW( path, label, 11, &serial, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0))
ok	./dlls/winedos/int21.c:3884:        if (!GetVolumeInformationW(path, entry->cAlternateFileName, 13, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0)) return 0;
ok	./dlls/kernel32/tests/volume.c:... tests assumed ok
	./dlls/kernel32/volume.c:507:BOOL WINAPI GetVolumeInformationW( LPCWSTR root, LPWSTR label, DWORD label_len,
	./dlls/kernel32/volume.c:628:BOOL WINAPI GetVolumeInformationA( LPCSTR root, LPSTR label,
ok	./dlls/kernel32/volume.c:642:    if ((ret = GetVolumeInformationW(rootW, labelW, label_len, serial,
ok	./dlls/shell32/shelllink.c:2154:    r = GetVolumeInformationW(drive, volume->label, label_sz,
ok	./programs/cmd/builtins.c:2482:    status = GetVolumeInformation (NULL, label, sizeof(label)/sizeof(WCHAR),
ok	./programs/cmd/builtins.c:2492:    status = GetVolumeInformation (curdir, label, sizeof(label)/sizeof(WCHAR),
ok	./programs/winefile/winefile.c:1402:	GetVolumeInformation(drv, root->volname, _MAX_FNAME, 0, 0, &root->fs_flags, root->fs, _MAX_DIR);
ok	./programs/winecfg/drive.c:287:            if (!GetVolumeInformationW( root, volname, sizeof(volname)/sizeof(WCHAR),

	Jörg Höhle

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