free software replacement for MFC?

André Hentschel nerv at
Wed Jun 24 09:32:16 CDT 2009

Karl Berry schrieb:
> In the course of reviewing some possible projects for GNU, Richard
> Stallman asked me if there was any active work going on to write a free
> software replacement for MFC.
> From the MFC pages I found on the Wine web site
> (, which talk about ways of
> working with the Microsoft classes and don't mention any alternatives, I
> gather this isn't a current goal of Wine itself.
> But still, I figured that this would be the most likely place for any
> such project would be known about, or even find possible developers if
> one was to be started.  Looking on the web, all I found was the old
>, which appears not to have gotten very far and to have been
> abandoned years ago, judging from the source repository.
> The other projects I came across, such as wxWidgets and SmartC++, appear
> not to try to be a compatible replacement for MFC, but rather a
> functional alternative.
> If anyone here has corrections, additions, suggestions related to those,
> I'd be grateful for any replies.
> Thanks,
> karl at

I was looking for an compatible alternat, too. I gathered the same informations like you. As i can see there is no compatible thing, but if you find one, inform me!
The best thing is really to rewrite the code using wxWidgets. IMHO it is the best alternate you can get.
Would be nice to have something like "GnuFC"...

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