Removing active maintainers

Ken Sharp kennybobs at
Thu Jun 25 19:39:05 CDT 2009

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Ken Sharp wrote:
>> Agreed, but in this case it is a moot point.
>> The particular application, Steam, often has test results waiting for >
>> 8 days, so all FIFTEEN idle maintainers would have been removed long
>> before I had to do it manually, had the automatic deletion mechanism
>> been working.
> That's why I told you to remove all of them, except me. Since I was the only
> one doing anything there. And yes I do have my own life too and can not
> immediately approve all test results.
> Vitaliy.

Hardly, you spend most days arguing on Bugzilla, where comments can not 
be removed, so stop trying to play the victim.

Notice, you're the only one complaining, out of all the maintainers that 
have been removed over the past few weeks.

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