Removing active maintainers

Gert van den Berg wine-devel at
Fri Jun 26 12:05:17 CDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 17:10, Susan Cragin<susancragin at> wrote:
> With regard to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I have the following comments.
> Version 9 should be entirely deleted. That refers to the early 9.0 Preferred
> release, which is not available any more. 9.0 Preferred has been replaced by
> 9.5 Preferred, which is garbage like Standard. We should not have people
> buying DNS 9 Preferred  and thinking it is installable when it is not.

Versions should not be deleted, especially not for programs sold on
actual disks. A user may dig up an old copy somewhere and wonder
whether it would work. If the version is deleted, he/she will not know
and/or may recreate the page with his results.


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