Removing active maintainers

Sjors Gielen mailinglist at
Mon Jun 29 06:19:18 CDT 2009

Ken Sharp wrote:
> Dan Kegel wrote:
>> 3. Eight days is way too quick to remove an inactive maintainer.  Six
>> months is more like it.
> That is far too long.  After two weeks there are 100 test results
> waiting in the queue.  Six months wouldn't help the users out at all.
> Their test results would disappear into a black hole.

But he could be temporarily away. What about sending him a mail after 8
days, sending him an urgent mail after two/three weeks saying "please
remove yourself if you know you're not going to handle these" and only
remove him a few weeks later. Maintainers are volunteers, they can't be
expected to spend *all* their time on appdb, they have time now and
then; unless they are, for example, on a holiday.


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