wine shirts

Hervÿffffe9 Chanal chanal_herve at
Mon Mar 2 10:43:47 CST 2009

Oups, I hadn't seen the Ismael answer, sorry for the spam.

> It's far from being finished (and I don't know if I will finish it), but Dan what do
> you think of that for your shirt :

> That's a nice, simple design, but something's missing.
> Oddly, the original drunken penguin shirts, or ripoffs thereof, seem
> to still be available at

> Original artwork is at

> I would kind of like a shirt that had the penguin opening the bottle
> on the front (text: Support the Wine Project), and the drunken
> penguin on the back (text: I did my part, or something like that)
> but I'd have to think a bit more on the text.

> Other old links:

> Martin's design:

> Ismael Barros put some effort into this before:
> but nobody could think up good text.
> - Dan


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