[RFC] named pipe message-mode design

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu Mar 5 03:51:10 CST 2009

>>  sure you can.  by redesigning.
> Since I deal with that on a daily basis, I'll step in.  A great design
> is one that does EVERYTHING right the first time.

 have you heard of incremental improvements?

> What you are
> proposing goes counter to this and is unacceptable.

 have you heard of incremental improvements?

>  Do it right the
> first time and you don't have to revisit, revisit and revisit some more.

 have you heard of incremental improvements?

> In other words:  AJ is right, you are just looking for the easy way
> out.

 yes.  don't like it, pay me money.  problem solved.

>  Not a good idea and others end up cleaning up when the users start
> whining.


 1) you are confusing a "faulty" implementation with a "technically
incorrect" implementation.  "revisit more and more and more" has
implicity within it the assumption that there will be "something
wrong" with The Piper design, such that it will require more and more
and more work to make it work.

in this regard, you are dead wrong.

i expect someone else to RIP OUT the ENTIRE design, replacing it with
a quotes better quotes one.

replacing it with one that identically fulfils the requirements.

and you will have the advantage, in the mean-time, of being able to
"move on". "move forward".  admittedly with a few whiners but they can
be silenced with "if you don't like it, fix it".

2) if you would like me to spend more of my personal time on something
that would take more effort, you need to accompany such requests by
offers of payment, to compensate me for the additional work.


moving on: would anyone like to provide details on an alternative
design proposal for message-mode named pipes that involves an
implementation inside wineserver (using the infrastructure that
alexandre hinted could be used - the ioctl infrastructure)?


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