Status of TWAIN and SANE

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Mar 6 10:59:57 CST 2009

Alexandre is right; text files that bit rot are a rotten way
to report status.  Better is to write verbose emails that
make people click delete quickly <grin>.

I've been working on improving Wine's scanner support
for the past few weeks, and it's come a long way.

If anyone has a scanner, and wants to help me out, I'd sure
appreciate testing.  We could use other applications and
other sane scanners as test data points.  

So here is a current status:

What works For Me (TM):
    1.  Most of what the TWAIN 1.8 specification defines
        as mandatory is now implemented.  I'll document
        the exceptions in the code shortly.

    2.  Scanning with IrfanView and Acrobat Professional
        seems to mostly behave.

What doesn't work:
    1.  You can't use advanced Twain features like file
        transfer mode.

    2.  Memory xfer mode is almost certainly broken.

    3.  Acrobat lets you set a custom scan size, which we
        don't support (see DAT_IMAGELAYOUT, below).

If anyone else wants to play, I'd appreciate it.



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