AppDB entries are being delete without contacting maintainer by Rozanne

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Austin English <austinenglish at> wrote on March 6th:
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>Subject: Re: AppDB entries are being delete without contacting maintainer by 	Rozanne
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>>>Subject: Re: AppDB entries are being delete without contacting maintainer by   Rozanne
>>>On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 2:36 PM, Klaus Layer <klaus.layer at> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> since several months a user Rozanne is changing AppDB entries without
>>>> contacting the maintainers. Most of the changes so far were minor changes.
>>>> But today I was informed that Rozanne just deleted an entry which was
>>>> maintained by me. According to the email I received, there were duplicated
>>>> entries for the programm Mapsource. I regard deleting entries from Appdb
>>>> without giving the maintainer a chance to backup what they maintained a
>>>> *very* unfriendly act. I would have merged the two entries under one to save
>>>> the valuable information users added to AppDB. Just deleting entries from
>>>> AppDB, deletes information the wine community collected to support using
>>>> wine. Users spent a lot of time and just deleting their work is *not*
>>>> acceptable.
>>>> Can someone of the adminstrators of AppDB please make sure that Rozanne stops
>>>> deleting entries from AppDB without informing the maintainers before. I would
>>>> expect to be informed about such an action before and that I as a maintainer
>>>> have the right to discuss was is being delete and what not.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Klaus
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>>>> Subject: [AppDB] Submitter screenshots deleted
>>>> Submitter screenshots deleted
>>>> -------------------------------------------------------
>>>> The screenshots you submitted for MapSource 6.13.7 have been deleted because MapSource 6.13.7 was deleted.
>>>> The action was performed by Rosanne
>>>> Reasons given
>>>> The parent entry was deleted. The reason given for that deletion was:
>>>> Duplicate entry
>>>> Best regards.
>>>> The AppDB team
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>>>Well, Rozanne _is_ an AppDB administrator, hence the permission to
>>>delete those entries.
>>>That said, yes, notice should be given.
>> Also, please be aware that entries referring to ReactOS, PlayonLinux and Crossover are also being removed.  The latter is actually biting the hand that feeds us.  CodeWeavers, the producers of Crossover, host WineHQ.  What might be a better idea is to state:
>> "This program has been shown to work better with Crossover, please visit their web site for more details.  Please be aware that Crossover is a commercial product whose developers also support Wine."
>> James McKenzie
>Codeweavers has their own AppDB type system:

I am very well aware that this exists.  However, folks with Wine may NOT.  Putting a pointer in the AppDB for those programs that need a lot of work to run under Wine may prove helpful (remember that is the purpose of this system to get users to get their favorite Windows program running under Linux/UNIX.)  We also have to remember that some folks picked up Linux/Wine because it is FREE, and sending them off to a product that may cost them money will just get the upset unless we 'warn' them first.  So, my suggestion is just that, a suggestion.  However, I have found that one of my favorite First Person Shooters will NOT run under Wine.  No problem as it does with CrossOver (and it is actually worse under CrossOver Games for Mac), so I have it and I use it.  The problem that causes the game to fail is outside of the scope of the Wine project, as CodeWeavers worked around the busted OpenGL in Apple's/XQuartz's X11 implementation.  Thus if I were to write up the program under Wine it would be Garbage with a cavat that it does work under Crossover Mac.  This is NOT needed for Linux as it runs just fine under most, if not all distros.  I don't know or care about ReactOS or PlayOnLinux's abilities at this time.  I would NOT like to see them in the AppDB for a number of reasons, mostly legal.

It might also be possible to put the existance of CrossOver in the first page, but that would be up to the web masters.

James McKenzie

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