AppDB entries are being delete without contacting maintainer by Rozanne

Ben Klein shacklein at
Fri Mar 6 22:39:57 CST 2009

2009/3/7 James McKenzie <jjmckenzie51 at>:
> Ben Klein wrote:
>> 2009/3/7 James Mckenzie <jjmckenzie51 at>:
>>> Also, please be aware that entries referring to ReactOS, PlayonLinux and Crossover are also being removed.  The latter is actually biting the hand that feeds us.  CodeWeavers, the producers of Crossover, host WineHQ.  What might be a better idea is to state:
>> It's not biting the hand that feed us. We don't want Crossover AppDB
>> data in Wine's AppDB, just like Crossover doesn't want Wine's AppDB
>> data in their AppDB.
> Ben:
> CodeWeavers provides a great deal of support and fixes for Wine.  Let us
> not forget this.

I don't.

> Second, yes this should be a USER comment.  I for one cannot run any of
> the dOOm games on my Intel Mac.  The reason is that the OpenGL support
> from Apple and the XQuartz project is not 'up to snuff' for Wine.
> However, CrossOver Office and CrossOver Games will run these games.  Why
> the code has not made it back into Wine is not my decision.  So, if I
> were to write up an entry for these games, I would rate the game(s)
> Garbage with the note above.  I would hope that this would be enough of
> an explanation, for now.  If XQuartz were to release a version that did
> incorporate appropriate OpenGL code, I would retest and re-evaluate.
> This might result in an upgrade of my evaluation, or it might not fix
> the problem.
> However, we should not just remove Crossover ratings, unless they are
> full blown writeups and then it might be prudent to just remove the
> evaluation and state that one exists (or should) on the Crossover site.
> This should only be done if the program cannot be run under Wine or
> takes extensive amounts of time and effort to do so.
> Of course, this is my opinion.  We also have to give users the truth.
> If a program is broken in Wine but runs just fine in Crossover, we
> should at least tell them that this is so.  Maybe this will influence a
> developer or two to figure out the problem and fix it. is for Wine application test data. If a user submits
test data that says "Garbage" in Wine, with an additional comment that
says "I was able to get this working in Crossover Office", I don't
have a problem. However, if the test data is entirely for Crossover,
or RecatOS, Cedega or WineX for that matter, it does not belong on

E.g.: "Rating: Platinum
What works: Everything
What doesn't work: Nothing
What wasn't tested: IPX network games
Additional comments: I had to use Crossover Games because Wine didn't work"
^^ An entry like this does not belong in Wine's AppDB because it's not
actually Wine. It taints the AppDB and the rating change summaries.
But if it was like this:

"Rating: Garbage
What works: Installer
What doesn't work: Starting the game
What wasn't tested: N/A
Additional comments: This works in Crossover Games, but not in Wine"
^^ I don't have a problem with this. (If it mentioned Cedega/WineX or
ReactOS, I'd probably remove the additional comment, but leave the
test data intact. CodeWeavers products are a special case :) )

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