LookupAccountSidW returns "unexpected" username

Rob Shearman robertshearman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 12:32:50 CDT 2009

2009/3/10 Andreas Rosenberg <andreas.rosenberg at apis.de>:
> While I did some experimenting with the proposals from Vitaliy Margolen
> to get an accepted patch for GetUserProfileDirectoryW, I found this
> behavior:
> OpenProcessToken(hProcess,TOKEN_QUERY,&hToken);
> ...
> GetTokenInformation( hToken, TokenUser, ptiUser, cbti, &cbti )
> ...
> LookupAccountSidW( NULL, ptiUser->User.Sid, lpUserName, lpchSize,lpDomain,
> &cbDomain, &snu );
> In Windows XP SP3 the LookupAccountSidW fills lpUserName with the
> name of the current user (same as GetUserName)
> Running this code in Wine results in the username: 'INTERACTIVE'.

See server/token.c:security_unix_uid_to_sid. This should return a SID
with a pattern that LookupAccountSidW can recognise and then extract
the uid and look it up and return the UNIX user name.

> Seems like the LookupAccountSidW does something not compatible with
> Windows. Im thinking about writing a test code, but simply checking
> if the above code returns the same as GetUserNameW seems not
> correct, if test code should run under a different account as the actual
> login user.
> Is this a requirement for running the wine tests?

Rob Shearman

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