Disabling File attachments on Wiki

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Thu Mar 12 12:02:05 CDT 2009

"Rosanne DiMesio" <dimesio at earthlink.net> wrote:

>> > As I said having a short description what your intentions/activity is in
>> > the Wine project is enough, no burden/obligations to update it.
> So, if a user notices a typo in the wiki and is nice enough to take
> the time to correct it, you want to require them to also add a personal
> page saying they once corrected a typo? You might as well tell them to
> file a bug report instead--it would be less trouble for them. The point
> of a wiki is that anyone can contribute, not just people with formal
> "intentions/activity."

Spammers do "contribute" a lot lately to the Wine wiki, that's why this
thread has appeared in the first place.

If a user has found a typo, probably he/she is aware of bugzilla or irc.


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