[AppDB] Entry for Everquest 2

Ricardo Filipe ricardojdfilipe at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 06:40:43 CDT 2009

done. i've created a new application and moved test data there. unfortunatly
appdb doesn't move comments so those are lost :(

i wait for the EQ maintainers to step up for EQ2 :P

2009/3/15 Ben Klein <shacklein at gmail.com>

> I just noticed that the entry for "Everquest II", the sequel to
> "Everquest", is listed as version 2 under "Everquest" in AppDB. This
> is incorrect, as the sequel is not a new version of the original game,
> it is a new game. Can someone help me fix it? I'd delete the version
> but there's quite a bit of test data there.
> I've CC'd the version maintainers.
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