[AppDB] Entry for Everquest 2

John Beaulieu john.beaulieu at comcast.net
Tue Mar 17 19:43:42 CDT 2009

Ben Klein <shacklein <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I just noticed that the entry for "Everquest II", the sequel to
> "Everquest", is listed as version 2 under "Everquest" in AppDB. This
> is incorrect, as the sequel is not a new version of the original game,
> it is a new game. Can someone help me fix it? I'd delete the version
> but there's quite a bit of test data there.
> I've CC'd the version maintainers.

I understand why this was fixed, but the method and timing were bad. When
EverQuest II was removed as a version of EverQuest and moved to it's own appdb
entry in response to this message the only thing preserved was the test data.
The votes for the application, the comments (with much needed info), maintainer
notes (including howtos), and even the maintainers were removed. None of the
bugs reported for Everquest 2 that were linked to the app are linked anymore and
do not appear on the new appdb page. After being forced to re-apply to be a
maintainer once again and doing a lot of searching through cached google pages I
was able to restore some of the lost info. Is there a way to link the bugs to
the appdb entry or not? Can the votes for the application be restored? Why wasnt
this left to a super maintainer to correct instead? Why wasnt enough time
allowed for input before an arbitrary change was made?

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