GSoC: Improving DOS graphics

Daniel Kraft d at
Sun Mar 29 10:33:01 CDT 2009


I would be interested in working on WINE for Google Summer of Code (as I 
would like to get into WINE and learn more about it from the developer's 
side of view; I imagine this is a very educational and interesting 
experience in addition to being simply an interesting free software 
project to work on).

On the ideas list is a project about improving handling of DOS graphics 
mode, this sounds interesting to me.  I've got good experience with C, 
C++ and other programming languages as well as programming in general, 
but so far no knowledge at all about WINE apart from using it.

Do you think this would be a good project to apply for and get into 
WINE?  (Thus both useful for the community as well as a good point for 
me without WINE experience so far.)

Regarding free software in general, I've already worked with some 
projects including Mozilla and GCC, so I should be familiar with 
standard development practices involved.

Thank you very much,

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