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Tue Mar 17 14:04:44 CDT 2009

library to track dup()s and dup2()s, as well as possibly do something
about the unix domain sockets that are used to transfer file
descriptors between the app and wineserver. Or alternatively fstat() a
socket and use the inode number as its identity instead of the file
descriptor, since the inode doesn't change between dup()s. I'd prefer
this approach to socksifying our WS2_32.DLL, since proxy support is
more of a third party feature, it was always designed to be done at a
library or system level, we might need to support other types of
proxies, etc.

In addition I know of a way this type of feature can fix bug 7929, but
that's a story for another day.

> Right off the bat I'd say the variables need to go. Alexandre is very
> picky about adding new variables to Wine. I assume there are some
> registry keys where a socks proxy is stored, it may even be the same
> place where normal proxy information is stored and an extra key to
> define if it uses socks or not. I would try looking at something like
> IE and see how it sets the proxy server stuff.
> Thanks
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> Steven Edwards
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Damjan Jovanovic

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