Severity levels

Nicklas Börjesson Nicklas.Borjesson at
Sat May 2 13:07:31 CDT 2009

Ok, I have made better posts.

>> 1. Blocker  	"Blocks development and/or testing work"
>> - Is this even possible?


I am sorry. Of course it is possible to have these problems. I thought it meant that it blocks ALL 
development and/or testing work(since it is above critical). 
In the list, there are mostly platform-specific issues. My mistake. 

>> 2. Critical 	"Critical problem that prevents all applications from working"
>> - Possible, if everyone stopped testing code completely, and also unlikely to be reported by a user. 

>No, critical bugs are usually opened by non-Linux users.

Here I did search, and actually, most bugs have "linux" as an operating system so I couldn't come to that conclusion.
Anyway, I get your point.  Still don't really see why this is a separate severity level, though. 
Wouldn't this be a "wineloader" component or something?

>> 3. Major 	"Major loss of functionality for a wide range of applications
>> - Isn't this just all bugs that has more than $arbitrary_number of applications linked to them? An aggregate, 
>> rather than a level?

>No, it's actually what it say, a WIDE RANGE of applications.

Ok..I just thought that "wide range" could be translated into a number or percentage instead of an expression. 
I thought the opposite way...but couldn't possibly all bugs in wine affect a wide range of appliacations?

> Bugzilla is to track bugs, it's not a user support forum, and the bugs 
> should be classified as the dev's want them to be classified.

No, I know it is not a support forum(Is users using is as such a big problem?).
But it is nevertheless an interface towards the users of wine. A place they go to when all else has failed(hopefully). 
And as such it is utterly confusing(for them) and already leads to pointless misunderstandings and frustrations 
regarding, for example, the severity flag.

Anyway. I can't help but feel that we are on completely different pages in many ways. 
I think that the users should have quite a say with regards to how important a bug is, because for every user 
putting in the (considerable for a user) effort of reporting a bug, there are dozens that don't say anything at all. 
In wine's case, because of it's size, this might actually be hundreds. It's badwill.

So currently, there is no way at all for users to influence these priorities. To me, user priorities would be a 
considerable factor, obviously not the only one, but considerable. 
I know that wine, to a large extent, Is maintained by unpaid individuals(like myself) that want to prioritize themselves. 
I don't want to take that right away from them, I just feel that it's bad practice to disregard the users' priorities.


>Your line length needs fixing.
I have to admit I sent this using my employers horrible web mail (no idea why it says 6.5 though, think it is 2005). 
We will pretty soon "exchange" it, though. :-)

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