Severity levels

John Klehm xixsimplicityxix at
Mon May 4 23:38:36 CDT 2009

Roderick Colenbrander and I were talking about the severity levels on
irc the other day.  We tried to outline the existing severity process
that seems to be in use (not what is neccesarily listed in bugzilla)
and came up with the following levels of bug severity:

* normal
* major (release level, e.g. dib engine, 64 bit support, usb, etc)
* blocker (compile failure, severe wine crash, system crash due to
triggering driver bugs)

As far as I can see that's what the current usage of serverity is in bugzilla.

Other thoughts during our discussion were that perhaps assignee should
be the one that can change the severity rather than reporter.

--John Klehm

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