Severity levels

Ben Klein shacklein at
Fri May 8 19:43:17 CDT 2009

2009/5/8 Nicklas Börjesson <Nicklas.Borjesson at>:
> 2009/5/8 Austin English <austinenglish at>:
>> No offense, but you should probably take the lack of (repeated)
>> responses as a sign.
> I did leave it alone.
> That post was a reaction to what I considered as bullying.
> The answers has almost never been to anything I have said,
> but rather to things I haven't said.

You've been repeatedly informed why your proposed changes to the
severity levels are a bad idea by many people on this list. Let's take
an analogy:

Imagine you're a fresh, young car tester at Ford. Using an open-door
policy to contact an executive, you promise a new, efficient design to
replace the current combustion engines completely. You present your
idea at a board meeting. The board is not receptive to your proposed
changes. The engineering department doesn't believe it will solve any
problems, and in fact that it will reduce fuel efficiency and increase
pollution. The other board members point out that you're very new to
the company, and that you have no experience in engine design or
engineering and you are only present in the company as a tester.

In this scenario, are you being bullied by the board members?

> //Nicklas
> PS.
> No, I am new to the wine project.
> But there is a world outside of it.
> DS.

You'd have some credibility if you researched what the Wine project
does with bugzilla, how it currently works, etc. rather than just
assuming it's the wrong way to do it.

2009/5/8 Nicklas Börjesson <Nicklas.Borjesson at>:
> Hi all,
> it seems that some of my earlier mails(and some other) has been re-mailed to the list.
> I don't think that our(here, at my workplace) servers has done this, rather,
> it feels like the mailing list server did it.
> So understand that I am not bombarding the list.
> I see that many are replying to some really old posts.

Still not your problem? Still feeling bullied, but this time by the
mailing list server?

I don't believe your earlier mains have been resent. I certainly
haven't received them.

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