DIB Engine : Almost 100% working

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Sun May 10 10:07:55 CDT 2009

James McKenzie ha scritto:

> Good work.  Have you started to think about how to get this into Wine
> where AJ will approve?
> James McKenzie

Ah, I'm not very optimistic that it'll ever enter on wine tree :-)
Nor have I time to adopt the "trial and error" way up to it's
The easiest way I see by now is to add it to wine drivers as an
"alternative" driver in parallel to X11 one.
That could be done in less then 5 minutes and with no regressions :-)

As I said before, to include it as replacement of actual driver would
mean to make an half rewrite of both gdi32 and winex11.
BTW, my engine has still space for a 3 optimizations that could speed
it up even a lot more :

1) Font caching - shouldn't be too difficult
2) Access DDB directly for blit - not too difficult, and could bring
    a speed gain of 100% on mixed DDB/DIB operations
3) xxxBlt are not very optimized .... I would expect another 50-100% speed
    gain on blitting with few codelines more.



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