DIB Engine : Almost 100% working

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Mon May 11 16:24:01 CDT 2009

Scott Ritchie ha scritto:

> As a packager, as long as Massimo is willing to keep the patches 
> applying to the latest version and user-optional to enable, I'd be 
> willing to bundle em.  I'm normally averse to keeping deltas with 
> Alexandre's main branch other than backports, but this one is 
> specifically written to not do anything unless manually enabled.

Well, the engine should apply to any next git, as long as there are
no changes to driver's function tables (unlikely), to gdifont struct
(less unlikely, but should not happen soon...) and to dlls/gdi32/driver.c
(also unlikely, as it has just code to load drivers).
That was one of the 2 reasons of the new approach... to not to have
to rebase it manually each week :-)

BTW, about the bugs spotted by testsuite, I'm looking at them just now,
mostly are just GetPixel() swapped colors, I got rid of more than an
half with a single patch and I guess they'll mostly disappear in short



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