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Ben Klein shacklein at
Sun May 17 04:33:59 CDT 2009

2009/5/17 MD.IMAM HOSSAIN <imamdxl8805 at>:
> Majority of the C.P.U comes up with the INTEL integrated graphics card.

No CPU comes with integrated GPU (yet). Most (all?) Intel-based
motherboards (including those for laptops) that have integrated
graphics use Intel-brand graphics. This does not constitute "most"
motherboards, as there are no Intel-brand GPUs on AMD CPU-compatible
motherboards, and there are even Intel CPU-compatible motherboards
that have nVidia graphics chips.

> We
> all very well know that their Linux driver lack most of the modern 3D bits.
> But most of the user do not know about that. They just get frustrated with

Also make sure the the hardware supports the "missing" features. Intel
cards are designed to be integrated into motherboards, not to compete
with high-end nVidia or AMD/ATI discrete cards.

> Some DirectX 7 games runs very well in nVidia graphics card but not in
> INTEL. Same thing is for some DirectX8, DirectX8.1.
> I do not know but I suspect that WINE's various Direct3D code utilizes
> OpenGL nVidia Extension or higher level OpenGL ARB Extension rather that
> lower one.

You can (and should have) research this yourself. Wine is 100% opensource.

> That's why while INTEL OpenGL driver does support DirectX7, DirectX8 level
> 3D wine does not able to run many games on INTEL Linux graphics driver.
> While those many games run on nVidia Linux driver.

Note that no Linux video driver supports any form of DirectX. Wine
translates DirectX calls to OpenGL etc. calls.

> I hope WINE will someday have better INTEL OpenGL support.

Most likely, improved drivers would fix this, however reporting bugs
regarding Intel graphics and proposing patches to Wine (assuming they
are well-formed and proper, and don't break support with other cards)
are more than welcome.

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