News on Wine 1.1.21/MacOSX/XQuartz 2.3.3

Mike Kronenberg mike.kronenberg at
Mon May 18 04:05:49 CDT 2009


It's not about being willing to, but plain lack of time.
I follow this list closely and work as time permits.
After half a year, it's been four weeks now that I am able again to  
build and test on a regular base again.

There are other components on OS X that need some love, like the into which I'm looking atm.

License and renaming is definitely on the list.
I thought to revamp the package, once the winehelper is replaced to  
not double the work.

As already mentioned, I build the dependencies and store them inside  
the apple .app package, which allows for drag'n'drop installation and  

Having the dependencies as frameworks would be even better, as there  
is a lot of trouble with PATHS, especially if multiple environments  
are on the system, like fink and macports.

But if the name-change is the most pressing issue, I will gladly do  
that for you.

Mike Kronenberg

On 18.05.2009, at 06:56, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> "James McKenzie" <jjmckenzie51 at> wrote:
>> Austin:
>> Contact Mike Kronenberg or Zach Drayer and see what they currently
>> have.
> IMHO since they haven't even bothered so far to change the license  
> from
> GPL to LGPL to match Wine, and clarify what exactly is so much  
> different
> in their builds so that they insist on different naming (Darwine vs.  
> Wine),
> they shouldn't be even considered as partners to the Wine project.
> If we could have our own Wine builds for Intel Macs, that would  
> finally
> help to avoid this confusion Darwine adds, and remove it from our Wiki
> altogether (since it's apparently where the users coming to them  
> from).
> -- 
> Dmitry.

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