Mac OS X Joystick problem

Nathan Gray n8gray at
Wed May 20 21:52:12 CDT 2009

Hi all,

I was happy to see that you recently added support for joysticks in OS
X.  (As you may or may not recall, I started to work on that problem a
while back but never found time to finish it.)  In any case, I was
disappointed to find that my MS Sidewinder Precision Pro (USB) still
doesn't work in the two games I tried -- The IL-2 Sturmovik demo and
the Descent Freespace demo.  The joystick seems not to be detected at
all, from what I can tell.  I filed a bug a while back in bugzilla[1]
but it doesn't seem to have gotten any attention.  Does the joystick
code work for other people?  Does it require any special
configuration?  I'm using Mike Kronenberg's 1.1.20 build.




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