DIB Engine : passing all tests

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Sun May 24 03:45:26 CDT 2009

Kai Blin ha scritto:
> On Sunday 24 May 2009 06:54:10 Ben Klein wrote:
>> Does that mean it's time to remove these todos (and make them full
>> tests) or are they still wanted for the case where Max's DIB engine is
>> not installed?
> They are full tests, they're just marked as not passing in wine. Which they 
> don't. At least not until wine has a DIB engine.

Most but not all of them. A few of them could be fixed anyways.
>> I'm looking forward to this hitting upstream :) Have the architectural
>> issues been solved yet?
> It seems like Max and Alexandre agreed to disagree. I wouldn't hold my breath 
> for this code to be merged to the main tree. Unfortunately, Max seems to like 
> using Bugzilla to let people track his patches, instead of dumping them into 
> some git tree, which would make keeping track of updates easier. His call of 
> course.

The problem here is that I've got no time to maintain an updated git tree with
my engine.... and I'm still fixing stuffs, so I prefere to manage my patchset
directly in order to avoid a 1000+ patches on my tree.
Dumping my patchset on a git tree wouldn't make its usage easier and would
make me loose time and bandwidth to maintain it.
People able to check out a git tree and build it are also able to apply the
patchset to a clean one. It makes them spare time, too, as they don't have to
maintain and build 2 different trees. With stacked git it's easy to add/remove
the patchset.
Anyways, if somebody wont take the (again, useless imho) job of maintain an
updated tree with it, feel free to do it :-)



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