DIB Engine : passing all tests

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Sun May 24 10:06:45 CDT 2009

André Hentschel ha scritto:
> I dont know anything about that, but may it be possible to compile your 
> code to a standalone driver for seperate download?
> It would be great to just install a DIB-Driver for wine.
> Sorry if that was a stupid idea.
The idea is not stupid at all :-)
I was thinking to do it, but I don't know for how many
machines a separate compile would be needed.
I'm working on ubuntu64, and I tested just migrating the
2 DLLs on an ubuntu32 and it do work, so I guess it should
work on most linuxes.
No idea on what will happen with Mac or other unixes....


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