DXTn textures in D3DX9

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon May 25 04:31:22 CDT 2009

Am Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009 21:11:27 schrieb Mike Kaplinskiy:
> I believe mesa looks for libtxc_dxtn @
> http://homepage.hispeed.ch/~rscheidegger/dri_experimental/s3tc_index.html
> and then enables full s3tc support. The library itself is tiny and in
> (ugly) C, so that is already good news. But as stated on the website,
> you cannot use the code due to legality. Maybe there would be a way to
> do on-demand loading as with mesa and output a warn/fixme if the
> library is not found? It seems like the approach would be similar to
> the way the font bytecode interpreter was handled (turn on if
> available).
Wine did that a while ago, prior to my ddraw rewrite. However, from testing it 
seems that the S3TC decompression of that lib did not work properly(Gothic 2 
showed bad textures), and the compression code according to that site is 

So my 2c is that we need a better library than this libtxc_dxtn stuff. Maybe 
we can get a C wrapper around the nvidia texture tools lib in place. The 
nvidia texture tools also have command line utilities - maybe that works.

Note that I don't think we can ship nvidia texture tools, but we can load the 
lib dynamically and enable / disable. Maybe we should require the Win32 
version, not the Linux version, and handle it similarily to gecko.

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