Regression in "ntdll: Free old memory"

Niklas Hambüchen nh2 at
Mon May 25 16:19:13 CDT 2009

There is something wrong with commit
13a33b73c349530b17347d3ec6a1f5bb268cc917 (ntdll: Free old memory block
when reallocating to a large block.).

Having this this patch applied (as it is in wine-1.1.22), some
applications show a strange behavior, for example Guild Wars does not
start up (it keeps "repairing" on and on).

git revert 13a33b73c349530b17347d3ec6a1f5bb268cc917 does the trick, but
most probably this is not the solution.

The regression test was:

13a33b73c349530b17347d3ec6a1f5bb268cc917 is first bad commit
commit 13a33b73c349530b17347d3ec6a1f5bb268cc917
Author: Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>
Date:   Sat May 16 11:33:06 2009 +0200

    ntdll: Free old memory block when reallocating to a large block.

:040000 040000 e210ab3f16dee6da3a6b6b34d375737b103d5951
25abcf5a437d9a494593e654553dd2797066f616 M      dlls

Thank you!

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