Does wine handle virtual midi ports correct on OSX?

Steve Schow steve at
Mon May 25 17:13:52 CDT 2009

it seems like what happens is that i select an IAC or virtual midi  
port from some windows host inside Wine and everything looks ok, but  
no events are sent.   Nothing.  But sometimes it works and sometimes  
it doesn't.  Once it is working it works fine.  Sometimes I have  
started it up and it was not working, then I forgot that i had set it  
up and 5-10 minutes later suddenly it would start sending the data  

Seems like somehow the windows host was not flushing the buffer or  
something.  I had this problem with Reaper and the latest version of  
Reaper seems to be working ok, so maybe this was a Reaper problem, not  

I didn't see that fixme you  mentioned.  Where can I find that?  I'm  
actually using CrossOverGames for this, I was never able to get Wine  
to work with JackOSX.
On May 25, 2009, at 11:47 AM, Emmanuel Maillard wrote:

> Does notes play well when playing ?
> Correct duration, correct tempo or other kind of timing issue ?
> Have you see fixme about MOD_MIDIPORT in log  ?
> Emmanuel
> Le 25 mai 09 à 17:59, Steve Schow a écrit :

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