DIB Engine : passing all tests

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Tue May 26 06:01:56 CDT 2009

Alexandre Julliard ha scritto:
> The last time I rejected a simple patch from Massimo, he basically said
> that he didn't have time to fix the patch and just dropped it. That
> doesn't encourage me to spend more effort on reviewing his more complex
> stuff.

Hi again :-)

Well, to be precise those were some patches rejected, one with some explanation
and others not.
Former was about adding page size support to wineps.drv. I haven't dropped it,
but you told me that an almost complete rewrite of cups printers handling was
foreseen and preferred, so I kept it on my tree. I have really not enough skills
nor time to do such a complex job. My patch was just sending the missing page size
string to lpr along as printer name, which is by now the only stuff sent.
I can understand, of course, that going through lpr is not a very nice way.
I'm using the patch for my daily job, it's not dropped.

Latters were one testcase (which was meant preparing some gdiplus patches....) which
was rejected because "too long" and "with meaningless comments" and a couple of
gdiplus functions that were missing (and are still missing) needed by autocad to
run with builtin gdiplus, rejected because "contains errors" (possible, but which ?) and
were "a pain to review" (hmmmm....).
BTW, about comments, I'm sorry but my memory is not perfect and I tend to forget what I did
and why after a couple of monthes, so the reason of maybe over-commenting all my code :-)
I must say that the must difficult part of writing my engine was to try to figure out what
gdi32/winex11 code does, and some comments more woul have been of great help !

Anyways, to finish, I'm coding for fun (ops, I guess I already said that) and I also have a
job and a family that takes most of my time. If I don't see the possibility that my
patches are accepted in a couple of tentatives, I tend to keep them on my "maybe useful
stuffs" tree; otherwise if I see the possibility of having them published I can spend
a bit more time on them. Of course a comment like "a pain to review" doesn't push me
to work hard on it.....



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