PowerPC MacOSX work...

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed May 27 21:00:34 CDT 2009

mghughes at embarqmail.com wrote:
> No No No People...  Please read the messages before replying.
> I know the difference betweeen my 6502, 6800, Z80, 68k, x86, 7400.  I
> know Wine is focused on running MSWindows based software on x86
> processors.  I also know there exists PowerPC code in the wine project
> because people were interested in bridging the gap to running x86 code
> via emulation...
> For the record...  I am not looking to run another full out
> emulation.  The best example of what I have in mind is what Apple did
> when they moved their processor base from 68K to PPC.  And I am
> wondering if the same could be done for Wine.  By the looks of things
> some of the framework to make that happen are already there in the
> form of thunk code...  Apple used what they called trampolines iirc.
The question is:  Were there any programs written for WindowsNT for the
PPC?  I don't know of any, off hand.

The real problem is that most, if not all, Windows based programs were
written for the X86 platform.  The makes the use of a CPU emulator
necessary.  I know of only on FOSS project that is working on this, and
that is the Qemu (?) project.  The Darwine project was trying to combine
the PPC->X86 emulator with Wine.  Again, this project has stopped
progress and probably needs help getting restarted.  The Darwine project
does exist on SourceForge and could be revived with someone displaying
interest in getting it running again.  I do have PPC Mac here, but I
think I messed up the power port on it and thus batteries are not fully
charging.  I stopped working on another FOSS project because running the
test suite takes over a day and I could not trust the power supply to
last that long.

James McKenzie

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