DIB engine

Ben Klein shacklein at gmail.com
Fri May 29 20:52:34 CDT 2009

2009/5/30 chris ahrendt <celticht32 at yahoo.com>:
> Question on this debate:
> Has AJ documented anywhere what the architectural issues are so they can
> be addressed?

This did not need a new thread. You should have posted it on the existing one.

> I have not seen this in the thread and was just wondering.
> If we have them documented then its a relatively easy task to address
> each of them.
> Yes it may be a hack but you would be surprised at how much of Windows
> is a hack internally.

You would be surprised at how much of Wine is NOT a hack internally.
Wine doesn't do hacks, hence AJ's reluctance to include the current
DIB proposal in Wine (to make it "correct" later will require a lot of
hacking, as Max has objected).

> Do we even have an architectural document or guidelines to reference?

This was also raised on the existing thread. No. This is a problem.
The best we have so far is "DIB engine should be integrated into
GDI32". This is not a problem, because both Max and AJ share this
goal, but if I understand correctly, Max doesn't want to invest the
effort (which is a lot) until the current design is validated by
inclusion into upstream source.

This leads me to my second point.

2009/5/30Z Stephan Rose <kermos at somrek.net>:
> My ears perked up when the two words DIB and spec were put together in the same sentence. One frustration I encountered when wanting to contribute to wine a little over two years ago was that nobody seemed to be able to say "Hey, this is what we are missing/need, here are the specs, go implement". Essentially, that's how I work and how I work well. Trying to fix random bugs in random applications in a codebase completely unfamiliar to me seemed to be rather futile so at that point in time I abandoned those efforts and just stuck to using wine. =P
> So that said, I've got a decent amount of experiences dealing with graphics, including full 24/32-bit color on embedded devices. Considering the environment, performance has always been a priority as well. Plus, I also really like working with graphics related code. So from where I'm standing right now, this seems to be right in my neighbourhood.
> So if anyone can drop a full spec into my lap which outlines everything I need to write and where (given I adhere to things as I should of course) I won't have any issues getting that accepted later on, I'd be more than willing to take on something like this.

Welcome aboard! I suggest that if you'd like to help out with the DIB
engine (with the goal of getting it included to Wine upstream source),
that you take a look at the code on bugzilla page #421 and talk to
Massimo about how you might adapt it for integration into GDI32.

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