Errors using Wordpad from Wine 1.1.6 after applying this patch

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Nov 1 12:19:52 CST 2009

Reece Dunn wrote:
> 2009/11/1 James McKenzie <jjmckenzie51 at>:
>> All:
>> I've been attempting to bring Tony Rollo's EM_FORMATRANGE patch up to
>> date and got to Wine 1.1.6.  At the suggestion of Dylan Smith, I have
>> been using Wordpad to test the patch after adding a little test because
>> of poor display on the Print Preview.  However, I've run into two what
>> appears to be separate 'bugs'.  The first occurs when I attempt to
>> change the font size, I get an error "Invalid Number Format".  The
>> second is that I can change the displayed font one and only one time.
>> I've reversed both of  Andrey Turkin's patches that were applied between
>> wine-1.1.5 and wine-1.1.6 but this did not resolve the error message and
>> the inability to change fonts and actually introduced a possible third
>> error where the font name is distorted where it shows a series of blocks
>> and some other unintelligible data in the font display field on the screen.
> Have you done a git bisect to locate the commits that introduced the error?
Yes.  And that is part of the problem, the wrong commit was marked as
causing the error.  I had to remove the next up commit and then the
problem went away.
> Have you tried proceeding to 1.1.32/latest git to check if the errors
> have been fixed (1.1.6 is old)?
I am working from 0.9.54 forward.  There are many, many, many changes to
richedit since that release.  I may now have a patch that will work with
Wine 1.1.6 and now I'm moving forward to 1.1.7.

> Do you get the error without the patch? If not, have you verified that
> the patch is correct (to the new wine behaviour)
Yes.  The error exists without the patch.  This is why I have two other
programs that I'm using as well. 

> Have you tried running the trace logging (with at least richedit and gdi32)?
Yes.  The continuing problem I have is with the display of Print
Preview.  The fonts are WAY too big on the display screen.

That is the next thing to tackle after I get the patch up to and
installed on Wine-1.1.32 (or whatever release is out there when I finish.)

The bad commit that I found is c53b772394bb193169af7d55653cbd1576ff0807
and it is one of Andrey Turkin's.  I will check the archives to see if
it was pulled.  Failing that, maybe Andrey can provide pointers that
will make the patch better and fit in with the whole
richedit/wordpad/gdi32 concept that has been worked on quite a bit in
the last year.

James McKenzie

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