Another article that makes me want Wine to run in a sandbox

David Gerard dgerard at
Sun Nov 8 04:37:06 CST 2009

2009/11/8 Dan Kegel <dank at>:

> I expect that people will do utterly stupid things,
> there's no two ways around that, it's human nature.
> That being the case, I think there are still opportunities
> for providing a safe computing experience without
> compromising the user's convenience.
> Case in point: the sandbox used by the Chromium web
> browser.  It provides a modicum of security without
> getting in the way.   I can easily imagine classes
> of windows apps, say, games, fitting nicely into a
> sandboxed wine environment.  Sure, getting the
> networking right would be a challenge, but for at
> least casual games, it ought to be quite doable.
> The key is to require no user choices -- just do the
> right thing by default.  Then the user's level of education
> or computer skills don't matter.

You'd get good sandboxing running Wine apps as another user. Main
problem then is integration with the user's desktop. Doable, but a

- d.

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