Any Wineconf results?

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Wed Nov 11 10:08:24 CST 2009

Hi, guys.

Unfortunately, but as I expected, I wasn't able to participate in
Wineconf2009 (I'm business tripping for 3 weeks in central Asia now).

I'd like to read something about decisions if any you've made at this
conf, some principle ideas or something. Wiki page
doesn't talk too much - but thanks for Michael's slides about
wine-oopses. All I'm able to find is Marcus' flickr photoset and
I'm not satisfied with that :). I've noticed some 1.2 target bugs
dropping and a bunch of rpcrt4 and sound patches,
and that's great.

Anyway thanks for this year, all of you, it's really interesting to
contribute here.

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