today's git broke winetricks gecko :-(

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at
Mon Nov 16 09:01:48 CST 2009


>wine cmd /c echo yes now downloads gecko.

Me to -- I'm not pleased with Wine-1.1.33 starting an installation request upon startup.
- How am I going to automate regression testing when it hangs waiting for a mouse click?
- I tried to think positively about it and expected the winetest-1.1.33.exe
  to install Gecko and perform the mshtml tests when online.  Curiously they
  were skipped.  I have yet to find out why.

>Any suggestions are welcome.
Winecfg would be a better place to propose the installation of an optional component.

Perhaps I'm a very atypical Wine user:
 - no MMORPG, no ie6
 - My Wine is not used for anything online. Quite to the contrary,
   I have some iptables firewall rules to disable Wine IP traffic
   should anything ever manage to get in.
 - I never used winetricks.  I sometimes peeked at it.  When I needed
   Gecko long ago, I saw that the Wine source contains code to install it,
   downloaded myself, modified the one registry entry to point to
   the .cab and let it install.  Worked.

IMHO, no general-purpose application should attempt to talk to
the internet when it starts.  Please
leave that behaviour to viruses and trojans only (and alikes, e.g. Adobe's
pdf).  Maybe I'm too old-fashioned in this decade of "always online even
in the subway" technical achievements.  Or I've been in the privacy-protection
(Datenschutz) and security business for too long.

Regarding winecfg, it could display "no Gecko/HTML support, click here to install
it (need be online)" in flashing red to attract the user's attention once you start it.
I wouldn't mind.

	Jörg Höhle.

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