today's git broke winetricks gecko :-(

Ben Klein shacklein at
Mon Nov 16 18:10:01 CST 2009

2009/11/17 Juan Lang <juan.lang at>:
>> However, I refuse to force the Wine
>> package to depend on it because this wine-gecko-1.0 package doubles
>> the required download (7.8MB wine-gecko-1.0, 7.8MB wine 1.1.33
>> package). I realise that this will not be required to download on
>> every upgrade, but I also can't predict when wine-gecko releases are
>> made.
> What's the download size got to do with anything?  Do you want to
> force people to use an old, unsupported version of Wine because its
> download size is smaller?  Please, don't conflate unrelated issues.

If a previously-optional component is now deemed to be mandatory, and
that component *on its own* happens to double the download size
required to install Wine, I consider that a problem. Not everyone has
a cable or ADSL2+ connection.

>> say it is". If this was something like, e.g., my decision to not
>> separate OpenGL from the core Wine package, it wouldn't be a real
>> problem (OpenGL support is used by the majority of Wine users, and
>> takes up very little space in the binary distrobution), but it's not.
> Says who?  Don't make unsupported claims, please.  I've never used
> OpenGL support in Wine, but I have used gecko.

Most users, espcecially new users, seem to want to use Wine for games.
Perhaps they are merely the most vocal.

> Jacek's justification has been the number of bugs that are closed
> invalid due to an invalid configuration.  Strongly encouraging people
> to install gecko would reduce the time we all spend looking at bogus
> bug reports.  Personally, I think that's worth considering, especially
> because developer man hours are perhaps the most scarce resource for
> the Wine project.

I understand this, but it's a quick-fix to a problem that has
long-term ramifications which were not even considered when the
decision was made. It is simply not satisfactory that ALL use-cases of
Wine now present the users with the "you need Gecko" dialog.

>wine cmd /c echo yes now downloads gecko.
How can you possibly justify this?

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