today's git broke winetricks gecko :-(

Ben Klein shacklein at
Tue Nov 17 02:45:43 CST 2009

2009/11/17 Juan Lang <juan.lang at>:
>> If a previously-optional component is now deemed to be mandatory, and
>> that component *on its own* happens to double the download size
>> required to install Wine, I consider that a problem. Not everyone has
>> a cable or ADSL2+ connection.
> Yes, but it's not updated as frequently.

What guarantee is there of this in the future? In fact, if you can
guarantee that there will never be another update to Gecko, then the
argument on the size of Gecko disappears.

> The development version of Wine is updated roughly every
> two weeks, so if a user is willing to download a development version
> approximately that often, why should a single, equally sized download
> be an impediment?

Gecko is not a core part of Wine. It is only needed for an MSHTML
implementation. There are plenty of apps in existence that do not and
will not have any use for Gecko. I argue that the size of Gecko is a
good reason to not require it to be installed for those users who
*know* they don't need it.

>>>wine cmd /c echo yes now downloads gecko.
>> How can you possibly justify this?
> Is this to me?  I didn't say that.

No, you didn't. But how can you support a scheme where running "wine
cmd /c echo yes" prompts for Gecko download?

2009/11/17 Marcus Meissner <marcus at>:
> On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 11:29:51PM +0100, Ove Kaaven wrote:
>> You can't *force* the creation of packages which would likely fail to
>> meet the requirements for inclusion into Debian's main archive. Even if
>> I didn't think the package's build system is a problem, the ftpmasters
>> likely would.
> I btw thought of actually building wine-gecko using mingw instead of
> just distributing the .cab.
> Just did not have the time to try it in the .spec file.
> This is also the 1 problem I see with distro inclusion here, so far
> I just have it in my openSUSE buildservice repos.

If Gecko is to be included as a requirement in the current fassion, I
argue that it should be made packageable/installable from wine-git. I
support Vincent's suggestion of "--disable-gecko-downloader", and
would also like to see "--enable-gecko"/"--disable-gecko" to build the
.cab file (on "make") and install it to the correct location (on "make

Or perhaps, a "make gecko"/"make install-gecko" pair (which would be
more convenient for me as a package maintainer).

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