shell32/tests: Fix Program Manager DDE Conformance Test Failures

Paul Vriens at
Tue Nov 17 08:26:02 CST 2009

On 11/17/2009 10:10 AM, Paul Vriens wrote:
> On 11/14/2009 05:31 PM, Mikey Alexander wrote:
>> /* Timeout on DdeClientTransaction Call */
>> #define MS_TIMEOUT_VAL 1000
>> /* # of times to poll for window creation */
>> -#define PDDE_POLL_NUM 50
>> +#define PDDE_POLL_NUM 150
>> /* time to sleep between polls */
>> -#define PDDE_POLL_TIME 200
>> +#define PDDE_POLL_TIME 300
> Hi Mikey,
> Just raising the timeout was not enough to fix the test failures so
> something else must be going on?
> Some of the test results on now show a general timeout
> for these tests (there is a hardcoded 120 second timeout for every test
> module).

Another thing I saw is that on XP we have a window title of "Group1" for 
example, whereas on W2K3 I see "C:\Documents and Settings\All 
Users\Start Menu\Programs\Group1".

The latter will of course never be found if we only search for "Group1".

On W2K3 I also see that the 'group' windows are closed but not the 
'startup one'.



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