today's git broke winetricks gecko :-(

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Tue Nov 17 08:27:12 CST 2009

Nate Gallaher wrote:
>Vincent Povirk wrote:
>> It also seems to me that a --disable-gecko-downloader configure switch
>> that would disable the dialog COMPLETELY (even "when needed") would
>> put gecko on equal footing with optional library requirements. It
>> would mean:
>> * You can warn about the perils of not having gecko at configure time.
>> * If gecko is installed properly, it's used properly, installed at
>> prefix creation time.
>> * If gecko is not installed properly, programs that need it will
>> simply fail, and you'll see an ERR in the console, as well as a nice
>> "HTML rendering is disabled" message you wouldn't get from other
>> components.
>I would just like to second Vincent's suggestion.
+1 as well.  Not all UNIXes have Gecko support packages built for them

James McKenzie


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