today's git broke winetricks gecko :-(

ovek at ovek at
Tue Nov 17 09:06:17 CST 2009

Jacek Caban skrev:
> Ove Kaaven wrote:
>> Vincent Povirk skrev:
>>> On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 5:52 PM, Ove Kaaven <ovek at> wrote:
>>>> (It is actually for similar reasons that binaries must be buildable
>>>> on a
>>>> clean system (say, a build daemon), without any special (non-free)
>>>> tools
>>>> or sourceless libraries. Magic libshell32.a in the source package fails
>>>> this requirement, and so does usage of non-free cabinet.dll to make cab
>>>> file.)
>>> I don't suppose the build could be fixed?
>> Possibly. For the .a files, either the rules that generated them has to
>> be documented somehow so the procedure can be replicated in the source
>> package's build system, or mingw's w32api has to be patched to fix the
>> problems that required them in the first place. (The latter probably
>> won't happen overnight, I suppose.)
> $ cd dlls/shell32
> $ make libshell32.a

So this is confirmation that all the .a files included in the source are
generated from a Wine build tree, there's no other patches or anything?

So to achieve a binary-less source package, perhaps I can do something
with a Wine build-dependency or something, I suppose. I'll take a look
at whether that suffices.

> In the official build I also include there a little virus that checks
> for Oven Kaaven user name and if it finds one, it silently replaces
> Debian installation with Ubuntu at 18 November each year.

Like I would run it as root... (even if you had spelled my name right)

> But seriously, patches are welcome. The build process is far from
> perfect, but it slowly improves. There are problems with gcc, mingw and
> mozilla itself. Patches are welcome. It's easy to complain, but a lot
> harder to fix.

I thought mingw needed patching the most.

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