To error out or to skip tests?

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at
Tue Nov 17 14:38:30 CST 2009

Hi Jörg

> > The picture on is a disaster: None of the w95, w98, nt4,
> > 2k, 2k3, Vista, 2k8, w7 machines have performed winmm:wave tests!
> > They all have no sound configured.  Mostly useless.
> A lot of those VMware boxes are mine. They come in two flavors. Some of
> them (starting with esx-) are ESX VMs, ESX is VMware's data center
> which simply doesn't support sound. The others (starting with gvg-) are
> Server VMs, which do support sound. The reason I didn't configure sound
> on them is because I'm simply not interested in sound. I'll consider
> enabling sound, but to be honest I'm a bit put off by your aggressive
> Anyway, the end result is that there will always be ESX VMs that can't
> run sound tests.

After a bit of mucking around I got sound to work on the Linux host where
those VMware Server VMs run, and enabled sound in the VMs where possible. I
could not find correct sound drivers for some of the old stuff (NT4 and
below), so those still don't have sound, neither do the ESX VMs.

Best regards, Ge.

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