shell32/tests: Remove atime tests in ITEMIDLIST_format test.

Paul Vriens at
Sun Nov 22 09:08:29 CST 2009

On 11/21/2009 12:18 AM, Austin Lund wrote:
> 2009/11/21 Austin Lund<austin.lund at>:
>> 2009/11/21 Paul Vriens< at>:
>>> if (abs(date2 - date1) == 1)
>>>    skip("We dont't check access times on a FAT filesystem\n");
>>> "The date is always within 1 day (plus or minus)."
>> It isn't quite that easy as the date field is a bitpacked struct
>> holding the year, month and day.  So you have to account for month and
>> year boundaries.  In the absence of any other ideas or tips to where I
>> can find a function to do this for me, I implement the calendaring
>> increments and send a patch which follows the above idea.
> Here is an attempt at doing this.  Is there a better/cleaner way to do this?

A lot of code to get around this issue. I tried playing with 
DosDateTimeToFileTime() and CompareFileTime() but that doesn't help much 

I'm curious how important a test on a FAT filesystem is. If it's 
important we should test it otherwise I'd say your previous suggestion 
make sense:

      if (date1 == date2&&  time1 == time2) ok(TRUE, "Blah");
      else skip("Not testing access times on this filesystem\n");

What happens when these tests are run on Wine with a FAT filesystem btw?



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