Whitespace cleanups

Nate Gallaher ngallaher at deepthought.org
Wed Nov 25 09:13:48 CST 2009

Nikolay Sivov wrote:
>> or should I just fix the
>> one function I'm planning on touching?   Or should I grit my teeth 
>> and ignore the style issues
>> entirely?
> Yes, in most cases. If you plan to rework the whole file with 
> functional patches feel free to touch
> formatting a bit. The common rule is to preserve existing format and 
> remove things like spaces before
> tabs or trailing spaces (the rest is done while committing 
> automatically).
I understand the "preserve existing format" rule, particularly in cases 
of braces, inter-paren spacing, variable
names, function names, and alignment, but I don't see the benefit of 
keeping 80-cols insanity around. 

> What file are you talking about?

I took a first pass at 80-col fixing last night. There were some places 
where it wouldn't fit without breaking up
some parallelism/symmetry/flow, so I just let the violation stand.

 From what James said, it sounds like if I hold myself to just the 
functions I touch, I should probably be ok.


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